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Selected Articles and Websites by Attorney Carl E. Person, including Websites of Interest to Small-Business Litigants and Victims of Prosecutorial Abuse

I have written more than 100 websites of various types, most of which are subdirectories of my two main websites, and carlpersoncom. The present index refers to my recent law-related book, Saving Main Street and Its Retailers. An earlier index page (with many of my websites listed and described) may be seen at Original Lawmall Index Page.

After the earlier index page, I have prepared various websites or other writings relating to politics, economics and business some of which I list below, with links (which as of 10/29/16 work):

At the request of the New Jersey Conference of Mayors, I wrote an article for publication in 2005 by the Conference. The article, entitled "Municipal Attorney General Can Help New Jersey Mayors Realize Untapped Revenue Sources", can be seen at Article by Carl E. Person Entitled Municipal Attorney General Can Help New Jersey Mayors Realize Untapped Revenue Sources. This article more than ever explains some of the things towns and villages should do to create a sustainable economy for the town/village and its residents and small businesses. One particular area which I would now add to the article is having the lawyer for the town or village bring lawsuits to take real estate off the tax exempt list when the owner is not using the property for legitimate, tax-exempt purposes.

In March, 2002, I wrote an article entitled "Enron Was a Favorable Event - Issues and Answers to Make Business and Capitalism More Competitive", published as one of my "websites" at Website with My Take on the Significance of Enron.

I wrote four websites on prosecutorial abuse and prosecutorial misconduct. A Google search using either of these two terms will provide you with the link to one of them, as # 1 of almost one million websites. The URL's for these four websites are:

  1. My First Website on Prosecutorial Abuse
  2. My Second Website on Prosecutorial Abuse, an improved website providing additional insight
  3. My Website on the problem of Prosecutors' Seizure (for subsequent forfeiture) of a Criminal Defendant's Assets at the Outset of the Criminal Proceeding
  4. My Website on Plea Bargaining and "Fee and Plea" Representation of Criminal Defendants

Also, here are additional websites or articles I wrote to help small businesses with various aspects of civil litigation:

  1. Price Discrimination Actions for Indirect Purchasers, under the federal Robinson-Patman Act, at Website for Indirect Purchasers Victimized by Violations of Sections 2(d)/2(e) of the Robinson-Patman Act - Note: This is not the intended website, but until I locate the file a person interested in indirect purchasers should find matters of interest - the law has changed over the years, and many states allow indirect purchasers to sue - this area of law needs a major update
  2. My Original Price Discrimination Website, under the federal Robinson-Patman Act, at My Original Robinson-Patman Act Website, Showing How to Fight the Evils of Superstores and Globalization
  3. The Sherman Antitrust Act Website, at Sherman Antitrust Act Website
  4. Wal-Mart Website, at Website Showing How to Stop Wal-Mart Using Litigation and Other Techniques
  5. Website Showing Prosecution of Son of Attorney for President John F. Kennedy, at Cusack Papers a/k/a JFK Papers Litigation
  6. Website Discussing Enron Debacle (before any prosecution), at Website with My Take on the Significance of Enron
  7. Article "Proposal: Replace Letters Rogatory and Commissions with Interstate Federal Subpoena" < Out-of-State Obtaining for Procedure State in Difficulty Explaining
  8. Pamphlet "What You Should Know before Starting a New Business in NYC" Starting a New Business in NYC
  9. Editorial on Replacing Unnecessary and Burdensome Notary Public Notaries Public Should Be Declared Obsolete
  10. Editorial on Contract with America - Tort Reform Proposal Tort Reform Proposals Are a Fraud
  11. Editorial on Solving Japanese/Other Country Trade Problems Solving US Foreign Trade Problems
  12. Drafting of Civil Complaint: the Highest Leverage Obtainable in a Lawsuit The Most Important Document in an Entire Lawsuit
  13. Don't Start Off by Incorporating Why You Should Not Incorporate
  14. Employees Are Created by and for Big Business and Big Government Employees Are Creatures for Large Corporations
  15. An Incomplete Checklist of Problems Which If Solved Would Permit a Fair Division of the Economic Pie Checklist for Solving Pie Division Problems
  16. Little-Understood Ways in Which Law Injures Our Economy How Law Injures Our Economy
  17. If You Don't Know What's Wrong, Think Competition Competition Is the 1st Thing to Consider
  18. How Government Policy Is Destroying the Middle Class Government Policy Destroys the Middle Class
  19. Where Were You When I Was Losing My Rights? We Must Protect the Rights of Each Other
  20. Fired, Laid Off or Demoted? Your Legal Rights and Options Rights and Options for Job Losers
  21. How to Make $1,000,000 as a Whistleblower (Under the United States False Claims Act) Whistleblowers under the US False Claims Act
  22. U.S. Federal District Court Complaint by a 1992 Lesser Presidential Candidate against Major Political Party Components and 7 News Networks, which is a virtual textbook for identifying the major legal problems as to both major political parties underlying the nation's process for electing its presidents Complaint Listing 1st Amendment and Other Problems in Nation's Electoral System
  23. Expert Witnesses on a Contingent-Fee Basis Paying Expert Witnesses on a Contingent-Fee Basis
  24. Financing of Litigation by Sale of Lawsuit Shares Financing Lawsuits by Selling Shares
  25. Website for Professional License Revocation and Suspension Disciplinary Proceedings Professional Licensing Disciplinary Proceedings
  26. Sherman.Act Mall (tm) - Issues and Answers under the Sherman Antitrust Act Issues and Answers under the Sherman Act
  27. How Millions of Small Farmers May Be Able to Recover for Farming Losses and/or Loss of the Farm by Asserting Claims under the federal Robinson-Patman Act (or any equivalent state) which prohibits manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers from selling vehicles, gas, pesticides, seed, fertilizer and other items at discriminatory per unit prices Farmgate - How Enforcement of the Robinson-Patman Act Could Have Saved the Nation's Independent Farmers
  28. AUTOPARTS CASE # 1 - Website for Auto Parts and Accessories Industry Price-Discrimination Lawsuit - Coalition for a Level Playing Field, LLC, et al. v. AutoZone, Inc., et. al, for Alleged Violation of Sections 2(a), 2(c) and 2(f) of the Robinson-Patman Act, Filed 2/16/00 Auto Parts Industry Price Discrimination Litigation - Case # 1
  29. AUTOPARTS CASE # 2 - Website for Part II of the Auto Parts Industry Price-Discrimination Lawsuit - Coalition for a Level Playing Field, LLC, et al. v. AutoZone, Inc., et al., for Alleged Violation of Sections 2(a)/2(f) and 2(d)/2(e) of the Robinson-Patman Act, Index No. 04 CV 08450, Filed 10/27/04 - Putting Everything Together for Anyone Interested in Understanding What Is Happening to Small Business, the Economy for the Middle Class, and the Constitutional Rights of U.S. Citizens Auto Parts Industry Price Discrimination Litigation - Case # 2
  30. How to Stop Wal-Mart from Expanding into and Destroying Your Community; and Stopping Globalism [Note: This website is intended for persons and communities wanting to consider arguments and options available to them to resist invasion by Wal-Mart and other superstores into their community, and what appears to be an ever-decreasing standard of living for most persons in an ever-increasingly globalized economy, where the rich and ruling classes are getting richer while most of the middle-class and poor are being paying the price, with an ever-lowering standard of living.] Stopping Wal-Mart from Opening New Store
  31. Lawsuit to Stop Job Theft and Globalization Activities by State and Local Economic Development and Industrial Development Agencies Stopping Job Theft with Government Funds
  32. TortMall - Legal Actions for the Tortious or Other Unlawful Destruction of a Business Tortious Destruction of Business - Checklist of Claims
  33. Plea Bargaining: An Unconstitutional Delegation of Judicial Power to the Executive Branch of Government; a Free-Market Solution to Unconstitutional Plea Bargaining and How a Victim of Prosecutorial Abuse, Working Alone, Can Change the System Plea Bargaining and Prosecutorial Abuse.
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