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A Brief Description of Legal Matters Your Shared In-House Counsel Could Perform

Incomplete List of Legal Matters for a Shared In-House Counsel

  1. Maintaining required corporate records (including by-laws, meetings, notices, filing, share issuance, buy-sell agreements among principal shareholders, any required filings with governmental agencies)
  2. Defense of lawsuits brought against the corporation
  3. Keeping abreast and complying with licensing requirements
  4. Dealing with insurance companies, including the making of claims
  5. Prosecution of claims against competitors (typically for buying goods at illegally low prices)
  6. Negotiating or drafting agreements
  7. Investigation of claims being made against the corporation
  8. Conduct periodic "legal audits" of the overall legal health of the corporation
  9. Records retention requirements when corporation is involved in litigation
  10. Ensure compliance with various federal and state laws
  11. Monitor financial health of corporation and advice when corporate property or rights are being wrongfully appropriated by competitors, government action, employees or others
  12. Qualification of corporation to do business in other states when required
  13. Use litigation to protect the business and assets of the corporation
  14. Analyzing class action opportunities occasionally presented for corporation's participation
  15. Other matters commonly handled by in-house or counsel

Note: There are many things that an in-house lawyer (or corporate attorney general) can do efficiently for a corporation. One of the most important things, in my opinion, is to give the corporation a low-cost opportunity to enforce its rights in court.