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Admissions to Practice Law at the Appellate Level

I am admitted to practice law in the following federal District Courts and federal appellate courts (including the U.S. Supreme Court):

  1. U.S. District Court - Southern District of New York - New York NY (1970)
  2. U.S. District Court - Eastern District of New York - Brooklyn NY (1975)
  3. U.S. Court of Appeals - 2nd Circuit - New York NY (1975) ***
  4. U.S. Supreme Court - Washington DC (1976)
  5. U.S. Court of Appeals - 9th Circuit - San Francisco CA (1980)
  6. U.S. Court of Appeals - 4th Circuit - Richmond VA (1994)
  7. U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit - Washington DC (1997)
  8. U.S. Court of Appeals - 3rd Circuit - Philadelphia PA (1997)
  9. U.S. Court of Appeals - 5th Circuit - New Orleans LA (2010)

*** The 2nd Circuit about 8 years ago decided to require all admitted attorneys to re-register every 5 years, and many of them, including me, failed to learn about this and had their admission lapse for a brief period. I renewed my admission in 2011 and in 2016, and suggest that all attorneys use the Google Calendar to notify them every 5 years to remind them of this 2nd Circuit requirement of re-applying for admission every 5 years.

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