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3 Recent Books by Carl E. Person

I have written three books that tell you what you need to know to be able to understand various current problems and how they can be addressed using the rules of law. There is a cure for the problems associated with outsourcing, globalization and your declining standard of living, which I refer to as "The Evil Economic Trio".

If you are interested in obtaining a free PDF copy of any of my books, please let me know by email request, and I will send you by email a pdf copy of the book and a jpg copy of its front cover.

Saving Main Street and Its Retailers

If you are a small businessperson or come from a small-business family, you should read Saving Main Street and Its Retailers. This book explains how small, independent retailers, jobbers and wholesalers, and manufacturers of all sizes, are being put out of business all over the United States, with resulting loss of jobs, savings, opportunity, hope and standard of living. For all the losses suffered by citizens and other residents of the United States, there are those who are taking those losses for their huge profit. This group of profiteers as a group are the multinational corporations. In my book, I discuss how the federal government has failed to do anything to stop this stealing of America, because the control of America has already shifted to the thieves and what more could you expect. My insight with 40 years of working in litigation, law and courts is to come up with a way in which federal law enforcement can be decentralized, from the single person elected President of the United States (who controls through his appointees who gets sued and who doesn't get sued), to the 18,500 towns and villages in the United States, where nobody at this time can control everyone of such towns and villages (although as you probably are thinking there is one corporation who might well be in a position to exercise such control - Wal-Mart and its subsidiary Sam's Club - which is six times larger than Target, its closest competitor in size).

Saving Main Street and Its Retailers is where I introduce my concept for transfer of federal powers to local governments through the appointment of a "Town Attorney General", to do for the town or village or county what the federal and state attorneys general should be doing for the country, BUT ARE NOT. I explain how the failure of the federal and state governments to enforce the nation's antitrust laws is the primary cause of globalization and outsourcing, and how the nation's 18,500 towns and villages can start enforcing these laws for the benefit of their respective communities, to put the genie of outsourcing and globalization back into its bottle.

This is the best book of the 3 for anyone to read, and if you are interested at all in reading the book, I suggest that you read its last chapter (ch 30) first. I have pulled this chapter out for convenience and its link is Chapter 30 - Word Document.

Self Employment - To Avoid the Evil Economic Trio of Outsourcing, Globalization and Declining Standard of Living

This book explain how workers or employees are highly vulnerable to the sophisticated illegal activities taking place. Multinational employers don't really want them as employees, and whatever job one now has is probably part of a multinational study on how merger and outsourcing can add hundreds of millions of dollars to the profits of a large multinational corporation and its corporate officials, shareholders, bankers, lawyers, accountants and investment bankers while you and the other employees wind up with no job, no money, no opportunity, no hope and no idea of what happened to you. This book will let you know what is happening to you, and encourage you to sidestep the juggernaut of the Evil Economic Trio to give you a better chance of economic survival - BY SELF EMPLOYMENT. At the same time, I discuss (as someone with half a lifetime involved in schooling, either as a student, teacher or school owner) how higher education is no longer a sound investment at least when costs are involved, and a strategy for you to get into self employment before getting whatever college education you require. To sum it up, the ever-increasing costs of higher education, coupled with the fact that the largest employers are looking to replace their employees through outsourcing with personnel from India, China or some other country, and the legal fact that you cannot get rid of student loans in bankruptcy LEADS ANY RATIONAL PERSON TO THE CONCLUSION that self employment and selective, low-priced educational services (perhaps through a $1/hour college equivalency program in your locality) is going to be far more valuable to you than the old career path of expensive college, post graduate work, employment with a major corporation, and job security and retirement benefits after putting in your 30 years of work for the employer. Wake Up! They no longer want you and are doing away with benefits and jobs and security and your American Dream. You can only resist this by becoming self employed, and by helping me and others try to take back the United States from these economy killers.

A Law Career Is the Smart Way - To Avoid the Evil Economic Trio of Outsourcing, Globalization and Declining Standard of Living

The third book in my trilogy was the first book to be written. It is written for anyone thinking about a career in law, or anyone currently in law school, or anyone who has recently graduated from law school (for no more than 6 years, or so). I wrote the book to pass on many of the techniques or "secrets" I have learned in more than 40 years of legal experience, going up against the largest law firms and largest corporations in the world. I want others to be able to do what I'm doing, and I want to pave the way for them by pointing out things they need to do, things they need to avoid, and other sound advice from someone who has had more experience in standing up to the largest corporations in court (as to their antitrust violations) than almost any other person in the United States or perhaps world. Undoubtedly, there will be government antitrust lawyers who will say that they have been doing the same thing, but the truth is that they have been doing nothing, and they have not been allowed to do anything, except collect their salaries and stamp their bureaucratic approval to virtually each and every one of the tens of thousands of mergers that have been presented to them for approval. The result is that the monopolies are in full charge, and the effect of this is globalization, outsourcing, loss of your job or reduction in hourly rate, loss of your business opportunities and loss of the standard of living for 98% of the citizens and residents of this country.

A law career is a career choice where something can be done about America's problem. It also represents one of the best self-employment opportunities in America, with much higher income expectations than most other careers, which also means that by sacrificing some of the income potential a concerned law professional could devote some of his/her time to running for office, becoming a town attorney general and/or helping me in my campaign to become New York Attorney General to put me in a position to help us all, by gaining the 2nd most powerful office in the United States.