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Types/Place of My Legal Representation

The type of representation I offer is in civil cases involving a mortgage, note or debt ( such as defending a foreclosure action, commencing a quiet title action for a securitized residential or commercial note and mortgage, suing to invalidate a student loan, defending a credit card lawsuit or various types of other commercial litigation, in any any state or federal court in the United States. For cases outside of New York, I work with local counsel and provide experience that local counsel may not have (such as in the defense of foreclosure action or in the commencement of a quiet title action).

I represent either plaintiffs or defendants, and would like to observe that quite often it is advantageous for a threatened defendant to become an immediate plaintiff, to select the court in which the action is to be heard, and to take first crack at defining the issues in the complaint. It also makes it appear, at least for a while, that the defendant is the aggrieved party.

I have done more than my share of contingent fee litigation and am no longer interested in any contingent-fee litigation.

I have a series of videos on YouTube concerning foreclosure defense and other commercial litigation matters, which you can access through the top option in my website